Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I go to see if I qualify for a Public Defender?

If you are charged out of the Superior or District Court of Snohomish County, or out of the City of Mukilteo, you need to go to the Office of Public Defense, which is located on the first floor of the courthouse in downtown Everett,WA.

If you are charged with a criminal charge by the City of Snohomish, the City of Edmonds, or Tulalip Tribal Court, you will need to appear at your arraignment to be screened for the services of a public defender.

Please visit their website for more information on the screening process, their location, and hours, please visit their website HERE.

What types of cases does your office handle?

We are appointed to represent clients by the Snohomish County Office of Public Defense for the Snohomish County Superior Court, the four divisions of the District Court of Snohomish County, the City of Mukilteo, the City of Snohomish,the City of Stanwood, the city of Edmonds, and the Tulalip Tribal Court.

We do not handle Everett Municipal Court cases. If you have been appointed to an attorney for your Everett Municipal case and you don’t know who that person is, please contact Everett Municipal Court directly.  Their phone number is 425-257-8778.

When Is My Court Date?

When is my District Court date? I am charged with a misdemeanor in Snohomish County District Court and can’t find my paperwork. When is my court date? If your court date is coming up next week, click HERE to check the Snohomish County District Court calendar for your hearing date and time.

When is my Superior Court date? If you can’t remember what day or time your case will be heard in Superior Court (felony charges and juvenile defendants) visit the Snohomish County Superior Court web site HERE to find out when your next court date is.

What is the status of my Washington driver’s license?

You can check the status of your driver’s license HERE.

What do I need to do to get my Washington driver’s license reinstated?

You can find out how to reinstate your license HERE.