30 Years With Neal Friedman

The Snohomish County Public Defender Association (SCPDA) is proud to celebrate 30 years with Neal Friedman!

Neal is the first Snohomish County public defender to achieve this distinction. Neal’s 30 years of service does not adequately quantify his commitment and time. Neal has worked with countless public defenders who have moved on to other jobs due to disparity in pay and benefits and the workload. Neal carried on. He continued to take on the most serious cases. He continued to challenge the government’s evidence. Neal has a style uniquely his own and he is a wonderfully supportive colleague.

With improvements to funding and workload over the years, with the support of the Snohomish County Judges, the Snohomish County Office of Public Defense, the Snohomish County Executive and County Council, and other organizations, SCPDA is hopeful that more attorneys and staff will join Neal in this distinction.

Neal is a graduate of Florida State University and Northeastern University School of Law. Neal joined SCPDA as a trial attorney on September 2, 1986. Reflecting on this achievement, Neal said, “I am so lucky to have spent these 30 years working in such a great office with such wonderful colleagues in a cause I believe in.” SCPDA is feeling lucky, too. Congratulations, Neal!