The Snohomish County Public Defender Association (SCPDA) celebrates 20 years with Natalie Tarantino

Twenty years marks a significant milestone. Natalie is just our fifth employee in our forty-two year history to achieve a twenty year anniversary.

Natalie is a graduate of the University of Miami, Ohio and DePaul College of Law. She started her career as a public defender in Snohomish County District Court, Cascade Division in November 1995. She soon rotated to Snohomish County Superior Court and also served a rotation in Juvenile Court. In the past twenty years, Natalie has touched the lives of countless adults and juveniles facing criminal charges and mentored many up and coming public defenders. She has established herself as a formidable criminal defense attorney. In 2006, she was awarded the Snohomish County Clerk’s Office “Making a Record” Award. In 2008 and 2009, she was awarded the Snohomish County Clerk’s Office “Criminal Law” Awards. The “Criminal Law” distinction is awarded to the Snohomish County criminal law attorney who personified the finest qualities in the practice of criminal law: i.e., trustworthiness, civility, clarity, humor, and professionalism.

Natalie joins our other 20+ year veterans, Neal Friedman, Caroline Mann, Bill Jaquette, and Angie Yahnke. These employees embody the dedication, commitment and expertise essential to the SCPDA mission.

Congratulations to Natalie and thank you for all of your hard work!